Here’s why spa sessions are an important part of your workout

9 Nov 2022 14:25PM by Ana Bhardwaj - CRM & Email Marketing Assistant


We love a spa session here at Virgin Active and with hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas to choose from, our clubs have got you covered for whatever you need. Relaxing in a spa after an invigorating workout can actually be quite beneficial mentally and physically – check out how below. 

Pre-workout prep 

A quick soak in a hot tub before a workout can help loosen and relax your muscles by increasing blood flow and circulation so that you don’t feel so stiff after exercising. But, don’t forget to also have a stretch before you workout! 

Soothing achy muscles 

A nice hot room is just what you need after an energetic gym session or Group Exercise class. Saunas and steam rooms are great places to chill out post-workout and the heat is great for your metabolism and blood circulation, which reduces tension in your joints and muscles.  

Boosting recovery 

You know that burning feeling in your muscles 2 days after a gym session? That can be helped with a spa day! Using a sauna increases more oxygen-rich blood being circulated to tired muscles relieving tension and helping you prepare for your next workout.You’ll walk out of club feeling like a new person. 

Taking a break 

If you notice yourself feeling more tired whilst working out, take a break from the gym floor and head to the spa. Having a bit of time off from your fitness routine can prevent burnout and help you with motivation for your next session.  

Ready to hit the spa? Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit with your gym kit. 
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