The importance of learning to swim for kids

17 Jan 2023 06:00AM by Andrew Willis

kids swim at virgin active

Swimming is considered an essential life skill. The Department for Education understands the importance of learning to swim – it is the only physical activity which can save your life by improving water safety skills. So all the more reason to encourage your kids to keep up with it, right?

It can be hard especially during term time if your child is balancing school, homework and downtime but swimming is a great way to de-stress and make some friends along the way too. Keep reading for more reasons as to why your child should keep up their swimming in the new year…

Health benefits

Swimming is a full body workout and keeps your child’s heart and lungs healthy, as well as improving their stamina and strength which will be useful when playing other sports as well. Research has also shown that spending time as a family swimming has been linked with improved wellbeing for children and adults. This is true even as children get older and can swim more competently, whether that’s going for a swim together to exercise or to play.

It’s a social sport

There are plenty of opportunities to make friends through swimming classes, competitions and galas. This in turn will boost their confidence both in and out of the water and they’ll develop an understanding of teamwork as well as picking up on skills from other swimmers in their group. And once they reach a higher swimming ability, your child will develop other skills in life such as problem solving, determination in task completion individually and as a team, learning how to structure routine effectively and understanding a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.

It’s very accessible

Any child can try swimming – it’s for all ages and abilities! Swimming is also more accessible for children with additional needs than any other sport according to Swim England. It’s the number 1 indoor activity for parents and children – whatever the weather. And with the challenges and rewards that come with swimming, your child can grow in their abilities in no time!

Swimming opens doors

Once your child is confident in the water, they can try any other sports such as surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and even triathlons. Swimming is a skill that once learnt is rarely forgotten which is perfect for when the holiday season arrives. In the higher ability classes there is a continued focus on personal survival (treading water & swimming in clothes) and understanding safety of others in & around any body of water. It’s fantastic for you as parents as you can relax knowing your child is safe in the water!

At Virgin Active, we’ve got fantastic pool facilities and swimming lessons with our experienced and friendly instructors. Keep your child active in the new year with swimming. Check out your club’s timetable for more information on swim lessons and sign your child up today!  

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