The benefits of Lift Club

4 May 2023 15:33PM by David McDermott - Strength and Conditioning Activist

woman in lift club

When it comes to achieving your goals, strength training can play a big part in getting you there. It’s important for developing muscle tissue, increasing bone density and strengthening muscles and tendons at the joints.


Developing muscle tissue increases your lean mass (everything in your body except body fat) which is great if your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or improve body composition ("tone up"). Because muscles require energy to sustain them, increasing your muscle mass also helps increase your metabolism, meaning that you'll burn more calories in your workouts and through daily activities.

Will I put on too much muscle?

You shouldn't avoid lifting weights for fear of putting on too much muscle. It's a very gradual process so any change that happens will be on your watch and at your own pace, so you can decide when you're happy with how your physique looks. 

You may see other people with a lot of muscle and that might put you off wanting to lift weights because that's not your personal goal. There are a few things to consider here:

• People with a lot of muscle have been training for a long time and it is their goal to build muscle
• You don't get very muscular based on luck or chance. They'll be lifting a lot and eating plenty of food (lots of calories), consuming a high protein diet, and possibly taking supplements. 
• In some cases, people may take steroids to enhance their physique. You won't be doing that so you shouldn't expect those same results from your training.

How will my body look when I start lifting weights?

Lifting weights and consuming a fair amount of protein will help you retain muscle while dieting for fat loss. You'll hold onto more muscle and lose more body fat, meaning that your body will start to look more athletic. One thing to remember is that your body will adapt to lifting weights, but it will shape your body according to your frame, and when you build muscle, it will look great on you.


Strength training for injury prevention

Developing muscle and tendon strength, and increasing bone density, will make your body more resilient. You'll be less likely to pick up an injury in the weights room and during everyday activities. 

You'll also improve the function of your body, because you're moving properly and getting the muscles and joints strong with it. You'll develop better proprioception (your body’s ability to sense movement, action and location) as well as balance, which will serve you well in later life by preventing trips and falls. 

But even if you were to have a fall (it can happen to the best of us!), you'll be more prepared and more robust to cope with it. Occasionally injuries do happen and sometimes by no fault of our own. Moving well and becoming stronger will not only make that less likely, but speed up the recovery process if it does happen to you.

Find a club and give our Lift Club a go. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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