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4 May 2023 14:54PM by Kyle Murray - Head of Exercise to Music

Here at Virgin Active, we’re passionate about living an active lifestyle and enjoying every minute of movement. Our Head of Exercise to Music, Kyle loves music and the feeling that it brings to his body. Celebrating and dancing come hand in hand, which is why we’re focusing on Dance classes and the benefits that dance can bring you on and off the dance floor. So here they are…


Better Brain Health

When it comes to dance routines, focusing on remembering dance moves works wonders for your cognitive skills, helping to improve your planning and organisation. Dancing also can help to improve your memory, so if you’re familiar with forgetting essential items on your weekly shop, maybe dance classes could be for you!


Improved Cardiovascular Health

If you’re a cardio lover and enjoy the feeling of increasing your heart rate and maybe even breaking a sweat, you’ll know that the benefits of good cardiovascular health can make such a positive difference in your day-to-day life. Dancing can do just this for you, giving you that extra boost – especially when you’re late. Ever had to run for the bus? (we’ve all been there).


Better coordination

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘two left feet’? Well, it’s actually a myth. By practising dance routines, you’ll build your physical coordination skills, helping you achieve your wider fitness goals and improve your form in workouts such as Strength and Conditioning.

No matter your age, working out gets your body releasing endorphins, which increase your self-esteem and have you feeling great. Dancing requires movement through your entire body and once you start to pick up the moves, you’ll feel your confidence continue to grow.


Do you think giving one of our Dance classes a go could benefit you? If you’ve ever watched people dancing in their kitchen, in the rain in our clubs they are always smiling! Whatever your ability, join us, we’d love to have you along.

Dance classes at Virgin Active


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