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14 Jul 2023 15:19PM by Hadee Fayez - Head of Exercise Experience

Personal Training conversation

Having a PT is an experience like no other. It has an affect on your whole life. PT’s aren't just used by athletes and top tier exercise lovers. And they don't only focus on high intensity workouts full of blood sweat and tears. Our PT sessions set you up on your own journey. You build a relationship with your trainer and work together to achieve realistic goals where you’ll feel physically and mentally better.

We know, we know, making that first jump is the hardest part, right? But our PTs are here to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Their aim is to improve your wellbeing and overall lifestyle to get you into a healthier routine. You’ll be chatting away and planning next week’s goals before you know it! 

Take a look at what Hadee Fayaz, our Head of Exercise Experience had to say...


How is a PT session different to a group class?

The simple answer to this is you are getting that 1-1 session. Not only this but PT goes beyond the session itself, it’s the aftercare, the accountability and the support/guidance to ensure you are staying on track. The whole journey is tailored around you and your goals as one size does not fit all!


How do your clients stay motivated during their PT sessions?

Fun. There’s no substitute for it. PT is often seen as doom and gloom. As PT’s we are stereotyped to be stood over clients and shouting. The reality is that sessions are there to be enjoyed, to uplift and for us to show clients what they are truly capable of.

How do PT sessions affect mental health and wellbeing?

Being able to escape for 45 minutes and have some time to yourself is crucial for your mental wellbeing. Not only that, but you will be smashing records and feeling amazing from it. The high you get from progressing, feeling stronger and all being able to do this whilst switching off from work, it’s the best medicine! 

How does a PT create personal goals for each client?

We do a needs analysis beforehand, asking questions like: "What is it that you want to achieve? What are your goals?"

If the client does not know, we'll ask: "what is it they really have always wanted to do" and start with trying to get there. Most clients do not know their exact goal, but when they start working towards something, they create new ones along the way. “I always wanted to do a push up”, for example! Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so we must tailor the planning/sessions around that.


What are the top 3 benefits of having a PT session?

I’m going to keep this one simple. 
Care. Guidance. Accountability. 

As you can see, each PT experience is different for every person. The focus is on you and your own goals and development. The only person you should be in competition with, is yourself. Are you able to do those 5 extra burpees that you couldn’t do last week? Are you feeling healthier and happier in yourself? These are the benefits of having a PT. You receive that personal one-to-one treatment which goes a long way. So go on, give it a go. 

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