Tips for workout motivation

8 Sep 2023 15:10PM by Alex Davies - Head of PT

workout motivation

Finding it difficult to motivate yourself to get the gym? To go on that walk? Or even do those stretches? Well, we’ve got all the tips and tricks that are going to get you on your way. It’s funny isn’t it because the hardest part is getting yourself to do the workout. Once you’re doing it, it isn’t even that bad! 

Making the effort to turn up is what makes us feel most proud. This little boost is often what gives you that extra mental push to start your workout. So, get ready to feel motivation like never before.

Define your goal

When deciding you want to start your fitness journey, it is only you who can make it happen. People around you can help you, inspire you and encourage you, but ultimately the only person who make the change is you, and that’s the fun part! It’s a challenge for yourself, and a rewarding feeling once you start seeing a difference. You might want to work out to lose weight, to become stronger or to even improve your mental health. Whatever your reasoning, the motivation comes from the same place. 


All set?

How to motivate yourself

1) Ask yourself why! What's the reason for you wanting to work out? Often having a goal to work towards can help motivate yourself e.g. a holiday, event, birthday etc. This can be a powerful tool when you’re feeling demotivated.

2) Think of the feeling afterwards. After a workout you feel great, like you can conquer the world. Hold onto that feeling and how proud and amazing you feel after.

3) Visualise your success. Imagining what you can achieve can often be your best form of motivation. Believe that you make it happen. Set realistic goals and imagine yourself achieving them and how happy you will be.

4) Focus on yourself and not others. It can often be easy to compare yourself to others and this can be disheartening. Focus on your own ability and goals; everyone is on their own fitness journey, and don’t forget that they were once a beginner too.

5) Start with something easy. You’re not going to be able to run 10K straight away or do 10 perfect reps in a row. Start off doing a 5-minute jog and see how you feel or do 3 reps and have a break. There is no rush to get your workout done, and there is certainly no correct number or amount of exercises to do. The fact you’ve started shows you’re on the right track. 

6) Go to classes. These are a great way to get motivated. You have an instructor and other gym goers who are all there for the same reason. You are also taught the exercises, so you know you are doing them properly. It’s a great way to get your workout complete and leave feeling fantastic.

7) Train with a friend. This can really help your motivation as training with likeminded people can help push you through the hard times in training, and sometimes better from a personal friend. It will also keep you accountable and on track as you don’t want to let your partner down, so you’ll be less likely to cancel. Training with a friend can also make you workouts more fun and enjoyable, as well as making you closer with that friend and having something to bond over.

8) Train with a personal trainer. The personal trainer does all the hard parts for you, they do the planning, tracking and thinking as well as being your motivation. Sometimes it can be easier if you have someone helping to encourage you and motivate your effort. 

9) Find an exercise you enjoy. Doing a workout should not feel like a chore. Yes, there are days you won’t be feel up to it but that’s normal. There are so many ways to complete your workout: swimming, running, ab routines, cycling, just to name a few. It’s far more important trying until there is one that you can see yourself sticking it. When you enjoy doing it, you will be far more inclined and motivated to fit it into your routine.


Some key takeaways

Something small is something big. You don’t have to be in the gym for long. Short bursts of activity help to simulate your body's organs and systems and keep your mind healthy. Often knowing it’s going to be a short and sweet session helps motivate you to start it. Sometimes knowing what you’re planning to eat after your workout or a particular dinner that week can be your motivation as you are working towards an enjoyable healthy meal. 

When working out, we have to be flexible. You might have a long walk planned for the weekend or morning class in the park but the weather puts you off. We don't want this to stop you from getting your exercise done, instead see it as a challenge for how you can adapt your workout.  Make the most of your workout, rain or shine. It’s not only good for your body but also kind to your mind.

The harder you work for something the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it, this could mean just getting into the car to go to the gym, signing up for that class or a personal trainer or just walking on that treadmill or getting into the pool.

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