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14 Nov 2023 00:01AM by Tracey Arthur - Icon Personal Trainer

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These days, more and more women are getting into weightlifting – and it’s great to see. There are plenty of classes and influencers for women to follow these days and, at Virgin Active, we’re no exception. Our Lift Club classes are focused on developing a noticeably stronger body using compound barbell movements and short, sharp conditioning work to help you get there. What’s more, it’s open to everyone – and it’s incredibly popular.

We’ve teamed up with one of our Icon Personal Trainers Tracey Arthur to find out more. 

 'Tracey, what are the benefits of weightlifting?'


“There are plenty of reasons why weightlifting is good for you – and it’s not just to get strong either. As we age, we lose some of our muscle mass and our metabolic rate slows down. Interestingly, lifting weights increases your metabolism. That can be useful if you’re looking to keep lean.”

“Building more strength also helps you to maintain a good balance of muscle composition, increased bone density and strength in your joints. These are all contributory factors in aiding a healthy lift and reducing the chances of injury. What’s more, weightlifting can also help improve your balance and coordination.”

“And, if you’re wondering about some of the mental and internal benefits of weightlifting, well there’s plenty of those too! We’re talking: hormone regulation, better mood, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure so your cardiovascular health is better, lowered cholesterol and risk of type 2 Diabetes.”

“Finally, there’s a wealth of confidence to be gained from lifting that Personal Best!”

'Why is it important for women to lift?' 


“There’s a common misconception that lifting is for men and it’s good to challenge that by educating women on the many health benefits of lifting.”

“Many women worry that they will become overly muscular through lifting. This simply isn’t true. You will build muscle through lifting but a lot of other factors, like diet, will also affect how muscular you get.”

“For older women, one of the biggest benefits is the independence that they get through being mobile and strong post-menopause and in their later years.” 

'So, how can women get started with lifting?' 


“I would strongly recommend a consultation with a Personal Trainer as a starting point. You’ll learn good form from the start and a PT will be able to help you build your form and confidence.”

“Another good way to start lifting is in our Lift Club classes. They’re group sessions that will allow you to develop your strength, form and technique in a safe environment that will see you progress week on week.”

“Once you’ve got to grips with the basics and want to go it alone, the deadlift is always a brilliant move to begin your journey. It's a compound move meaning it works many major muscle groups. It's also very functional as we perform a deadlift in everyday activities - shopping for example. It can be a great sense of achievement to lift your first deadlift. The weightlifting journey is full of great moments and once the physical benefits become apparent the mental benefits will follow.”


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