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5 Reasons to do yoga in the park

15 May 2020 10:56AM by User Not Found

Yoga in the park

By Alexandra Black – Group Exercise Manager

As of Wednesday 13 May, we have been granted the ability to undertake unlimited exercise outside. Now while I’m not suggesting you jump into a group of people (because social distancing is still an important thing we should adhere to), it is a great idea to use this opportunity to get some more fresh air and expand your yoga practice.

Take advantage of the nicer weather

One of the true blessings of lockdown has been the beautiful weather we have been given. As opposed to staring out your window at the beautiful day, jump out there, go to your nearest park and lay down a mat (or even a towel) and get practicing. There is nothing more grounding than practicing a sun salutation facing the sun.

Fresh air 

Fresh air is something that is imperative to good yoga practice. As a portion of the practice is pranayama (breathwork), it is important that the air be fresh and clear to help clear the mind and lungs. When practicing outside, we naturally tend to take bigger, longer breaths instinctively based on our surroundings. If you aren’t ready for a full yoga practice outside, I recommend just sitting down for a moment to close your eyes and breathe. 

Mental health

A lot of us have been inside for close to eight weeks now (crazy, I know!) and this lack of variation can sometimes reflect on our mental health. I know I personally have been able to keep on top of my mental health by getting outside every day. Since the ease in lockdown restrictions, perhaps it is time to move your morning (or evening) yoga practice to the nearest park. A change in routine can be helpful, and the fresh air and sunlight will do you good. 

More space 

You’ve gotten the motivation to jump on your mat and start your practice by sitting and settling on the mat. You start to move your body, come through your first sun salutation and BANG! What was that? Oh, just my hand smacking into the wall next to me for the millionth time. This can now be avoided by practicing outside. You can do all the crazy yoga asana moves you’ve been wanting to try without the risk of hitting your surrounds. 

Connecting to nature

Nature is weaved into the fabric of yoga philosophy with the idea that we are one. From the names of the asana postures to the true root of yoga texts, there is a large connection between the practice and the world around us. By practicing in a park or even outside, we are able to connect to this natural element, whether it be the grass under our toes, the sun on our face or the sound of the trees. There is something really special about practicing in nature and I believe that everyone should try it at least once.

I hope these tips have convinced you about the benefits of practicing outside of the four walls of your home. As always, please tag us on Instagram @VirginActiveUK and let us know how you go. We love seeing your progress during lockdown.

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