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How to find quiet time during the holidays

30 Aug 2022 14:05PM by Lizzie Bullimore - Head of Family Activities at Sheffield

Summer holidays can be non-stop, with jetting off on holidays to taking the kids on outings or keeping them entertained at home. Finding a moment to yourself and having your kids try out some quiet time is important for everyone to relax after a busy day or week of activities. We spoke to Lizzie Bullimore, Head of Family Activities at Virgin Active Sheffield for some tips on how to find quiet time during the holidays – check them out below…


Journalling doesn’t always have to be pages and pages of writing! It’s beneficial for children as it can help build their writing skills as well as their written communication by getting their ideas out onto the page. You can get your kids to write a sentence or two about what they did during the day or what they’re looking forward to doing on another day. For example, if they’re going to the park and getting an ice cream, draw an ice lolly or write about the experience.

Going on walks

Immersing yourself and your kids in nature helps with relaxing and finding a quiet state of mind. Spending time in the quiet and taking a break from technology is great for everyone to enjoy the quiet. But if you need some inspiration for activities to do on your walks, try out some of these apps as well for a fun, mini scavenger hunt during your walks – Treasure Hunt by Photos, GooseChase and Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts.

Heading to the local library

Sometimes a change of scenery for some quiet time can help kids wind down. Head over to your local library to pick out some books or have a couple of hours to read. You could even find some mindful colouring books or have your kids do wordsearches and spot the difference activities. These are also great for your kids to do if you ever need a moment’s peace at home.

Bring them to Club V

We’re here for your kids if you need some me-time! Bring them down to Club V where there’ll be plenty of activities ranging from sports to arts & crafts. Have some well-deserved time to yourself in club while we keep your kids active so that everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep.

Let us know on Instagram if you managed to squeeze in some quiet time these holidays or have any other tips of your own!

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