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We’re raising the Barre

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Duration up to
60 mins
Level Rebel

Active Light

Easy twinkle toes. You might be raring to go, but as a new kid on the block, you might want to take it easy, just until you get warmed up.

Active Plus+

Energetic and frisky, you sure know your way around the gym, and can give most a run for their money.

Active Pro

You’re a force to be reckoned with. With your eyes on the prize, the rest of the class better watch out.


The only competition you see is you. So set your own speed, and race yourself to the finish line.

Virgin Active Barre is a total body workout that combines simple ballet-inspired movements with Pilates and core-conditioning. By targeting smaller muscle groups that are neglected in traditional strength training, you’ll improve core stability, balance, posture and joint alignment whilst increasing range of motion.

This 60 minute whole-body workout is very time efficient. It uses an uncomplicated ballet technique and includes Pilates and Yoga influences, mixed with functional training equipment eg dumbbells, balls and resistance bands to increase the level of difficulty for those who are up to a challenge. It’s fantastic for improving coordination, reaction time and balance. And it works on developing muscular and cardiovascular endurance so that you can exercise longer with less muscle fatigue.

Why is Barre good for me?

Why is Barre good for me?

  • Improved joint stability and muscle balance
  • Increased metabolic effect with heart rate training
  • Great for toning

What will I do?

What will I do?

  • Work on your overall health and fitness, body awareness and well-being
  • Compound Training – multi-joint movements to maximise calorie burn
  • A mixture of functional and HIIT training

How many calories will I burn?

How many calories will I burn?

  • 400

    calories per class
  • The harder you work, the more calories you'll burn.