Broadgate/Liverpool Street

Cycle Studio

Our top-of-the range cycle studio has everything you need to boost your endorphins and ride along to our upbeat classes.

Check out available classes below.

Tempo Cycle

Ride to the beat and get lost in the music, while improving your strength, stamina and rhythm in our tempo cycle classes.

Power Cycle

A performance-based cycle class that brings the euphoric highs of riding outdoors into a music-driven studio. Take your workout to the next level, push yourself to ride at different speeds, resistance and intensities.


On the gym floor or in the pool. Find things you want to do, in the places you want to do them.

Explore Liverpool Street, Broadgate

Who knew there was a 25m pool in the City? There are three whole floors of other stuff here for you to try too – from yoga studios to cycling classes, to grid training. And it’s right on the edge of Broadgate Circle, on your walk to Liverpool Street Station.

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