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One size doesn’t fit all so we’ll make sure you find the right PT for you.

How it works

We always start with a health and fitness assessment; maybe you want to feel great for a holiday, train for something new or get active again. You will find the right PT to tailor a training plan for you.

How we get you there

Schedule your sessions carefully with your PT and find what works best for you. Discover smart ways to use your club. Make healthy tweaks to your lifestyle and, above all, enjoy what you're doing.

Getting started

Download the Virgin Active Partner app and start connecting with your PT right away. You can keep track of your training, nutrition goals all in one place.

Personal Trainers

Your goals. Our PTs. Find the right one for you.

Personal Training Packages

Get into PT

Two 1-hour introductory PT sessions. You'll have a fitness assessment and get a tailor-made programme and nutrition advice.

PT Packages

Buy a pack of sessions in one go or add your sessions to your monthly fee.


Master Trainers

Just starting out or honing a skill, find a PT that specialises in what you need.

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