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Personal Training

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Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chances of achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Personal Training is quick, safe and much more fun than working on your own. Our Personal Trainers are smart, friendly and great at motivation so you always go that little bit further than you ever believed possible. Plus you can experiment with new kit, techniques and exercises. We begin with an in-depth assessment of your fitness and health then create a tailored personal training plan. You’ll learn how to stay motivated and inspired, and your Personal Trainer will be by your side, cheering you on and giving lots of advice on nutrition, diet and more. What’s not to like? If you’re a member, be sure to chat to our expert fitness team on your next visit, they’ll explain more about our Personal Training options.

Personal Trainer Profiles


Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a “people’s person”, taking a personal interest in everyone I meet.
I have always had a great passion for making a difference in peoples lives and love that my job allows me to do just that.

I believe that fitness and health are one of the most valuable assets and the greatest asset in which people can invest. 

With many years in the fitness industry and living a healthy and active life, I am constantly researching the latest techniques and strategies in order to keep you in shape and up to date.

Contact me today and I guarantee
that I will help you make a difference and invest my all into helping you on your journey to better fitness and health!


I aim to get my clients the best possible results through challenging their comfort zones and enjoy a functional approach to fitness.

Having been through a weight loss transformation myself and experienced barriers along the way, I can relate to the client on a more personal level through my own experiences.

I challenge my clients and keep them engaged in their training every week ensuring they do not lose interest in their training and deviating from their goals.  


My mission is to help professional people gain control of their health.

My style is to challenge through motivation and encouragement 

Guiding and developing  members/clients who wish to work towards a  specific fitness goal e.g. gain percentage muscle or  an event e.g. Getting married.


My training styles has various techniques ,Weight Training. High Intensity Training(HIT) Body conditioning , Boxing to name a few 


With a 12-year background, in the French football academy and national martial arts competitions,


I combines my experiences and your demands to design efficiency workouts as well as nutritional advice to make you understand the importance of the relationship between training and a healthy mind set in order to reach your fitness goals and maintain results.


Sometimes you would not like me but your body will. I am  only willing to train a person that commits as much as I am dedicated to helping. 


I will, safely, takes you to a better, healthier, confident version of yourself, step by step.


I am passionate about designing programmes that improve fitness , increase stamina and strength, help develop a healthy lifestyle and promote well being.

The plan will also take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure you have increased mobility, agility, strength and flexibility.


I will be very happy to work with you to create a personalised fitness and nutrition which will help you get started on your new path to better health and well being.

Saleta López Vázquez

My client’s health and  fitness is my biggest concern. Every person is different so every training program is too. I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to help improve your health and quality of life through exercise, whilst enjoying it.


My background is in martial arts and as a result, I can tailor your training towards a spe3cific sport or event and teach you new skills along the way.

I work with a variety of clients ranging from those recovering from injury, weight loss and muscle building to sport specific goals with beginners and professionals.

My Lifestyle has taught me to be disciplined and focused, and with this mind set I can help you to achieve your goals with unique and challenging workouts.