Sheffield Broadfield Park



Step into your ring and pack a body conditioning punch. Using pads and gloves, discover the inside knowledge on jabs, hooks and upper cuts. Boxing in pairs, get strong, lean and toned faster than you thought possible. Ignite calories, release stress and show your core you won't quit


Try Yoga in the studio at Sheffield Broadfield Park. It gives your heart and lungs a workout. It improves your balance and coordination. You’ll be stronger, more toned and more flexible.


On the gym floor or in the pool. Find things you want to do, in the places you want to do them.

Explore Sheffield Broadfield Park

Bring your family, take the plunge, climb a wall. With a packed programme – including plenty of stuff for the kids – this is less club, more community. If it sways you, the spa is also one of the most luxurious in our whole collection.

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