Moves from ballet, Pilates and yoga to work every muscle in your body. Barre makes you stronger, more flexible and realigns you – so that everything’s back where it should be. Ballerinas are tough, and this class proves it.

anti gravity yoga

Suspended in a hammock a few feet above the ground, this is a chance to take your yoga to new dimensions and reach more poses faster than you would on the floor. AntiGravity yoga will calm you down, and strengthen and lengthen your whole body.

apex group cycle

A cycling workout, 3000m above sea level. Apex group cycle will make you stronger, more toned, and give your heart and lungs a workout like no other.


On the gym floor or in a studio. Find things you want to do, in the places you want to do them.

Explore Walbrook

Leave Cannon Street station and enter a vast underground world. There are cult classes waiting to welcome you. Altitude rooms, so you can train at 3km above sea level. And an epic spa to explore, complete with salt rooms. You can use the pool at nearby Mansion House, too.

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