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Air Assault Bike

A Big Fan

What is it?
A fan bike with a big fanbase. These bikes create resistance as you pedal, meaning that the harder you go, the tougher it becomes. Unlike other bikes, you have to work for each rotation rather than relying on that you’ve built up.

What’s it for?
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts for short, intense bursts. Warmups and for longer periods of gentle pedaling.

Who’s it for?
Anyone looking to get the benefits of HIIT, or for those looking to stay warm between sets.

The Bear Crawl

  1. Get into a crawling position, facing away from the anchor point.
  2. Crawl away from the anchor point, driving with the legs. When you can’t go any further, start crawling backwards.

The Moving Jump

  1. Stand away from the anchor point. Jump away from it, landing with soft knees.
  2. Continue to jump out as far as you can before stepping and allowing the Ankorr to slack.

The Run

  1. Stand away from the anchor point. Run as far as you can away from it and then continue to run on the spot with the most resistance.
  2. Run and allow the Ankorr to slack before going again.

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