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What is it?
A self-powered treadmill that lets you train your whole body in any way you can think of. Completely controlled by you, it reacts to your movements to speed up, slow down and give you different levels of resistance. And with dual handlebars you can exercise in different positions, every muscle group. Then track your performance on the built-in console.

What’s it for?
Building power. Boosting speed. Pushing stamina. Upping agility. And doing it all more effectively than on a traditional treadmill. You’ll use more energy, and work your glutes and hamstrings harder on the SKILLMILL than on a run-of-the-mill mill. And if you take on the sled-push feature, you’ll work your glutes as hard as if you were performing kneeling squats or sumo deadlifts. 

Who’s it for?
Absolutely anyone. The workout possibilities are endless, so it’s perfect for runners, weightlifters and everyone in between. And because you’re in complete control, you can jump straight on as a beginner, then add more complex moves, speed, or tension to work against. 

What do I do with it?
Almost any workout you can think of. Shift instantly from resistance-free jogging to an all-out, head-down sled push. Work on your agility with sidesteps. Or build your endurance with a non-stop round of single-leg drives. It’s also great for fat-burning High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT because you control the speed.

To go faster, place your weight on your toes and move to the front of the surface. To slow down, place your weight on your heels and move back. And if you’re in a workout rut, take a look at the SKILLMILL’s panel for ideas. Or give these a go:


A great warmup before any exercise or as recovery between sets. Stand in the middle of the SKILLMILL with your hands on your hips facing the side rails. Move your leg up the curve and repeatedly shuffle for 15 seconds before turning and running into a jog.

Interval Sprints

After warming up, sprint at 80% for 15 seconds and then switch to a gentle jog for another 15 seconds. Repeat three times, then gently jog for 2 minutes to warm down.

Sled Push

Turn the resistance up to eight or above, grab the handles below the console, get low and lean forward. Sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, making sure you push all your power through your glutes (your bum). Rest with a minute-long walk, then get ready to sprint again.


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