Woodway Curve

Ahead of the Curve

What is it?
A manual treadmill. No buttons, no motor. It’s powered by you: the faster you run, the faster it goes.

What’s it for?
A great cardio session that also works your core and leg muscles. And, because you’re running at a more ergonomic angle than on a normal treadmill, the Woodway Curve uses more muscle groups, puts less impact on your joints and is better for your posture.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants to run indoors with that same sense of control that you get when running outside. If you’re new to running, no problem. If you’re a pro, you’re among other elite athletes who use it as part of their high-speed training.

What do I do with it?

Run, jog or walk on it. Just choose your own pace and find the spot where you’re comfortable. If you want to mix it up, as you might on a normal treadmill, simply adjust your workout by running faster or slower. There are no controls or settings to follow; just your own rhythm and speed.


A great warmup before any exercise or as recovery between sets. Stand in the middle of the SKILLMILL with your hands on your hips facing the side rails. Move your leg up the curve and repeatedly shuffle for 15 seconds before turning and running into a jog.

Interval Sprints

After warming up, sprint at 80% for 15 seconds and then switch to a gentle jog for another 15 seconds. Repeat three times, then gently jog for 2 minutes to warm down.

Sled Push

Turn the resistance up to eight or above, grab the handles below the console, get low and lean forward. Sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, making sure you push all your power through your glutes (your bum). Rest with a minute-long walk, then get ready to sprint again.


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