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David Lloyd Transfer FAQs

What Clubs are Being Transferred?

The following clubs will be transferred to David Lloyd Leisure: Berkshire, Brighton, Clearview, Dorset, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Lanarkshire, Lancashire, Lichfield, Norfolk, Northwood, Surrey, Thorpe Wood, Warwickshire and Wearside.


  1. What does this mean for my membership?

    Memberships will be automatically transferred to David Lloyd Clubs with this club.

    Virgin Active UK is writing to all members to inform them of the transfer, and the club will have digital signage on display.

    We‘ll write to members again as soon as we have a confirmed transfer date.

    For more information about David Lloyd Clubs, members can visit their website – www.davidlloyd.co.uk

  2. When’s the transfer happening?

    As soon as we have confirmation of the date we’ll be letting members know. This will be no earlier than 30 April 2017. During the period leading up to the transfer to David Lloyd Clubs, it will be business as usual, with opening hours, group exercise classes, and other activities offered remaining the same. As soon as we have the confirmed date we will be letting you know.

  3. Why is the transfer going to take so long?

    The agreement to sell clubs to David Lloyd Club is dependent on satisfying the Competition and Markets Authority. Although we don’t anticipate any problems and expect them to approve the sale, we feel it’s right to advise members that it is conditional on this. And of course we’ll update members when we know the transfer confirmation and date.

  4. Can I transfer my membership to another Virgin Active Club?

    Yes, you can transfer onto a suitable membership available at any other Virgin Active club of your choice. Transfers can be done in your current home club or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 0207 717 9000. Members will need to complete the standard paperwork to do this transfer (COC). The cut off for this transfer will be 15 April 2017 (if transfer to David Lloyd Clubs is 30 April 2017).

  5. Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes you can, if you are outside any commitment period for your membership. Normal cut-off rules (one month’s notice) do apply and a COC form should be completed to process the cancellation in club or members can contact the Customer Service Centre directly.

  6. What happens if I have someone (over 18 years) linked to my membership at a different Virgin Active club?

    The linked members will be contacted by the club  Member Services Manager and informed of the change. We are happy for these members to remain a member at their home club. They will continue on their current membership rate as per their existing T&Cs, even though you will be a David Lloyd Clubs member. Linked member access to David Lloyd Clubs will requires a guest pass or membership.

  7. What happens if my child/children are members of other Virgin Active clubs?

    Since all children must be linked to an adult member on a Virgin Active membership unless you are transferring your membership to another Virgin Active club, then we will need to cancel your child/children’s memberships or transfer them with you to your new David Lloyd home club. The cut-off date for transfer to another Virgin Active club is 15 April 2017 (if transfer is 30 April 2017).

  8. Can I still use other Virgin Active Clubs?

    Transferring club members (to David Lloyd) will still have access to other Virgin Active clubs (subject to their membership type) until 31st August 2017.

    Members of the retained Virgin Active clubs that are not transferring to David Lloyd Clubs – and that have used the transferring clubs in the 90 days leading up to 30 January 2017 - will be able to continue to use these clubs until 31 August 2017.

    Virgin Active and David Lloyd Leisure will be working together and will provide further information on how these members will continue to access Virgin Active clubs and transferring clubs until 31 August 2017.

    Virgin Active is writing to these members about multi access arrangements. If they haven’t received their letter they should contact our Customer Service Centre on 0207 717 9000.

  9. When can I start to use other David Lloyd clubs?

    As soon as you have your new David Lloyd membership card you will be welcomed into all other David Lloyd Clubs.

  10. Will my membership price change?

    You’ll transfer to David Lloyd Clubs on the same membership price that you currently pay at Virgin Active. David Lloyd reviews their fees annually on the 1st January and your fees will be reviewed at this point.

  11. What happens to my annual membership?

    Annual Memberships will automatically transfer to David Lloyd Clubs.

  12. What happens to my Vitality membership?

    It is fully expected that your membership will remain part of your Vitality health or life insurance scheme following the transfer of your club. Vitality and David Lloyd Clubs are discussing the details of this and will be in touch with you in due course. Up until the transfer of the club, your Vitality membership will continue as normal. If you have any questions please talk to the club team.

  13. What shall I do with my membership card?

    Up until the transfer you should continue to use your Virgin Active membership card. You will be given a new David Lloyd membership card within three months of the club transferring (when changes to the entry system will have been completed).

  14. What happens to my Direct Debit?

    Your Direct Debit will transfer with your membership and you’ll continue to pay David Lloyd Clubs in this way. Virgin Active will collect the direct debit on behalf of David Lloyd Clubs for the first month after the club has transferred. David Lloyd Clubs will confirm in writing the date when they will start to collect the direct debit.

  15. Membership contract - Virgin Active. What happens next?

    All Virgin Active membership contracts will automatically transfer to David Lloyd Clubs as part of the sale.

    For more information on David Lloyd Clubs visit the website – www.davidlloyd.co.uk

  16. Can I freeze my membership?

    Yes, please contact your home club or our Customer Service Centre to freeze your membership. Normal terms and conditions apply. David Lloyd Clubs will be in touch with any ‘Frozen’ members after the transfer.

  17. Will all family facilities continue to be provided following transfer?

    David Lloyd Clubs has its own extensive family programming, crèche and coaching programmes and will be reviewing these to ensure they provide the best possible service to all members.

  18. What happens about Virgin Active guest passes? Are they still valid?

    As long as the guest pass is still valid, it can be exchanged for a David Lloyd guest pass from the date of transfer (Up to a max of 12 passes).

  19. Do David Lloyd use Tencap?

    We will be talking to David Lloyd about the companies that Virgin Active currently partners, such as Tencap, and that benefit our members, aiming for continuation of these partnerships/benefits as far as possible.

Corporate Memberships

  1. I am a member of a corporate funded scheme - what happens with my membership?

    We have been in touch with the manager of your company’s membership scheme about the transfer of your Corporate Membership Agreement to David Lloyd Clubs. Initially and automatically corporate memberships will transfer over to David Lloyd clubs, the David Lloyd corporate team will be in touch with the company and/or the scheme provider shortly.