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Corporate Gym Memberships

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We build bespoke membership packages for all our corporate clients. Read more about team event training, in-office exercise and a slew of other exclusive amenities your staff will receive as club members.

What we offer

In-office exercise

We can conduct 15-20 minute Fast Classes right in your office for the days when you’re too busy to make it to the club.

Team event training

We help corporate teams prepare for triathlons and marathons by offering dedicated group cycle classes and running clubs. We can also schedule one-off classes for staff (both members and non-members) to encourage teamwork and interaction away from the office.

Wellness days

Our on-site events provide everything from interactive fitness challenges to health assessments to advice on club facilities and membership types. Our PTs, fitness and membership staff attend these events to answer any questions you might have.

Open visit days

We give company employees free access to the club nearest to them for a certain period, during which they can use all the facilities in the same way our members do.

Health assessments

Our Boditrax stations provide blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition and more for your staff, both on-site and in club.

Salary sacrifice

Staff can run their gym memberships as an HMRC-approved salary sacrifice scheme, either within a flexible benefits programme or as a standalone salary sacrifice benefit.

Engagement tracking

You can use our engagement tools to see how many times your staff have accessed the club each month.

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