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Strengthen your core and work on your posture, stability, strength and stamina with a Pilates class.


Meet Emma

A fitness leader with over 10 years of experience teaching Pilates.
She'll be reforming our classes, upskilling your instructors, and creating sessions to give you a core of steel.

Our Reformer Pilates programme is designed to move the body in a dynamic way through functional moves. Reformer Pilates strengthens parts of the body that are typically weak and lengthens areas that are often tight. After a class, you'll feel taller and more connected to your body.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates will keep your spine healthy whilst strengthening your deep stabilising muscles, mobilising your joints and correcting muscular imbalances. Focusing on the breath and moving with control, Pilates will leave you feeling physically stronger and more embodied.

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