Anti-Gravity Yoga


Stability · Soul

You'll need

Water Bottle, Towel


45 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Suspended in a hammock, a few feet above the ground, this is a chance to take your yoga to new dimensions. You’ll reach a broader range of gravity-defying poses faster than you would on a floor mat. As you feel every bit of your body, your movements will become more precise, your practice deeper.

Why do Anti-Gravity Yoga?


It calms you down. 
It works your core, strengthens your arms and tones your legs. 

It loosens laptop-hunching neck-stiffness by lengthening your whole body.

Little fact:

The idea started when a Cirque du Soleil performer found that yoga poses were much easier when he was dangling in mid-air.


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