Apex Group Cycle



You'll need

Water Bottle, Towel


45 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is Apex Group Cycle?

A cycling workout, 3000m above sea level. You’ll jump onto your stationary bike and pedal your heart out to music, spurred on by your peloton. The low oxygen levels in our Apex Altitude studio will force your body to work even harder than usual, so you’ll get a workout like no other.

Why do Apex Group Cycle?

It’ll tone your muscles – especially in your legs. 
The thinner air will force your heart and lungs to work harder. 

You’ll get stronger, fitter and be able to train for longer. 

Quick reminder: 

You don’t need any induction to do this class. Just arrive 5 minutes early so we can set up your bike. And let us know if you’ve got any medical problems, you’re pregnant or taking medication, or feel ill on planes.

Little Fact:

Altitude training hit the headlines during the 1968 Mexico Olympics when the thinner air of Mexico City helped the local athletes perform better.

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