Stamina · Strength · Stability

You'll need

Water Bottle, Towel


45 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is HEAT?

High-Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) teaches your body to work as efficiently as possible so you give your very best performance. You’ll move between SKILLMILLS and functional floor-training to work through four drills – agility, speed, power stamina. Get ready to put your whole body through a workout like no other.

Why do HEAT?

It burns bucket-loads of calories. 
It builds muscle, which boosts your metabolism and burns fat.

You’ll get faster, fitter and more agile. 

Tech talk: What’s a SKILLMILL?

Sprinting. Sled pushing. High knees. The SKILLMILL lets you train your whole body in any way you can think of. All without a power cable in site. A self-powered treadmill, it reacts to your movements to speed up, slow down and give you different levels of resistance. And it has high and low handlebars so you can exercise in different positions, every muscle group.

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