Reformer Pilates

Take Pilates beyond the mat with our beginner, intermediate, and advanced Reformer Pilates classes. No matter what level you're at, strengthen your core as you work on your posture and stamina. Focusing on parts of the body that are typically weak and tight, you'll come away feeling revitalised.




Reformer Pilates

You'll need

Grip Socks, Towel, Water Bottle


45 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is Reformer Pilates?

Flex and bend your way through a series of functional moves and classic Reformer Pilates exercises. Our Reformer Pilates programme is designed to build strength and stability using your very own Reformer bed.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Reformer Pilates is only for stretching, it will build your full body strength, stamina and help your balance. Using ultimate control and precision, get ready to seamlessly slide and glide through a full-body workout.

Get ready to discover muscles you never even knew you had! Expect to leave a class feeling fully connected to your inner body and completely grounded.

Why do Reformer Pilates?

Building a strong core helps support the spine, reduce the risk of injury and can relive lower back pain. Over time, you'll learn more about what works for your body whilst using the benefits and principles from Mat Pilates into equipment called a Reformer bed. We recommend first attending the Reformer Pilates One class to get you started before attending an intermediate class.

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