Stamina · Stability

You'll need

Towel, Water Bottle


30 - 60 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is TRX?

Whatever you do, your core does it too and in a single exercise you use way more muscles, so . Target train or total body workout, your strength, balance flexibility will thank you.

Because TRX is based around a series of straps attached to an A-frame or wall, the opportunities are endless. There’s a whole host of exercises and activities you can do with TRX, making it an essential piece of kit for anyone who’s looking to work on their core, improve cardio fitness or build strength.

TRX is for any fitness level: it uses your own body weight to provide the resistance, and a shift of body angle or stance can lessen or increase that resistance. So it is great for beginners and easy to progress as you get stronger.

Why do TRX?

Works heart and lungs.
Challenges your whole body.
Feel the results.

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