Yoga Scaravelli

Gentle yoga that helps your body sink into deep stretches. The Scaravelli approach makes you stronger, more relaxed and more flexible – especially in your spine.


Stability · Soul


60 - 0 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is Yoga Scaravelli?

Gentle yoga that uses gravity to help your body sink into deep stretches. You’ll do fewer poses than in other types of yoga but you’ll concentrate on each one for longer, trying to release your spine and relax into them. You’ll also practise meditation to help your mind unwind as much as your body.

Why do Yoga Scaravelli?

It strengthens your core.
It releases tension. 

It makes you more flexible, especially in your spine.

Little fact:

Vanda Scaravelli, who created this approach, originally trained as a concert pianist. 

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