Whether it's improving your posture, strength, balance or mobility, Pilates will help you to feel more connected to your body.

mat pilates

Choose the right mat Pilates class for you to develop your technique, strengthen your core and increase mobility.

pilates foundations

This Foundations class is a gateway to all of our other Mat Pilates classes. Focusing on the core principles of Pilates, you’ll get a better understanding of what it’s all about. You’ll work on technique that strengthens your core and increase mobility.

build your foundations

pilates align

In this 45 minute Pilates class, you'll focus on strengthening your deep core muscles, improving posture and muscular imbalances and increasing mobility in joints with a Virgin Active twist.

sculpt, tone and define

pilates athletic

Focus on challenging muscular endurance using isometric movement to work muscle to fatigue while using resistance bands and equipment including balls, TheraBands, magic circles and dumbbells.

take it up a notch

express pilates

This short 30-minute circuit style class is made up of exercises to work your whole body and strengthen your core. Easy to follow, this class is perfect for anyone short on time.

strengthen and stabilise in no time

why is pilates so popular?

This low-impact workout, created by Joseph Pilates, has been rising in popularity over recent years.

pilates for flexibility

Pilates moves are often dynamic, meaning you are stretching your body whilst doing gentle movements.


Build strength, stability and confidence in a Pilates class. Whatever gets you moving, it all counts at Virgin Active.

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