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14 Jul 2021 10:20AM by Matt Harras

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Workouts are more than just the exercises that you do in the gym. When you train right, you begin to see results in both your mental and physical wellbeing. Training effectively starts at home before you even get to the gym and it continues long after you’ve finished.  

If you want more effective workouts, here’s a few tips... 

Before the gym 

Find a plan that works for you

Choosing the right workout plan can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. But choosing the best routine for you will help you stick to your training even when you don’t want to. You’ll get that great sense of achievement as well as feeling healthier and happier too.  

If you know where you want to get to, use My Plan on the Virgin Active App to choose a plan that suits your goals. You might want to get stronger or develop your fitness. Whatever you need, our 6 week plans are a great way to start.  

Find an exercise that you enjoy 

While you might be completing a pre-set workout plan, it’s also important that you find time for the exercises you love. Not keen on running outside? Why not bring your cardio sessions indoors on a running or rowing machine. Try riding your bike instead or couple your workouts with other areas of your life. Brisk walk with the dog, anyone?  

Try a dose of caffeine before you train 

Research has shown that drinking a coffee before you work out can enhance your physical endurance. That means that a cup or two of your favourite blend 45-60 minutes before you train could improve how effective you are in your workout. Think more strength, more explosive power and more focus.  

At the gym  

Music to make you move 

Nothing beats working out to your favourite soundtrack. No matter what you’re doing, stick on your headphones and groove out while you move. To help you get started, our Activists have curated their very own Spotify playlists to match your mood. Listen, here. 


After your workout  

Get your sleep 

Sleep is so important and can really aid your recovery after a hard session. Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling groggy and tired. You might feel less powerful in your workouts and your body will have to do more to recuperate after you train.  

When you’re sleeping, you allow your body to produce growth hormones that repair your muscles so in the morning you feel fresh and ready to take on your next challenge.  

Active recovery days  

Whatever you’re striving towards, the key is to stay active. Even on your recovery days, light exercise can help. Try walks or some gentle yoga to help stretch out your muscles. Your body with thank you for it and you’ll feel more prepared for your next workout.  


Try these tips and see how you get on. We look forward to seeing you in your next gym session.  

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