Immersive and inclusive classes. With guidance from some of the very best teachers, take a deeper exploration into the world of Yoga as you experience a greater sense of inner peace as well as increasing your physical health.


find your yoga

yoga foundations

Take a deep breath, align your mind and body flowing through different asanas with our Yoga experts in this Foundations class. This class is ideal for those wanting to take it at a gentler pace.

build your foundations


As the name suggests, this is an alignment-based class ideal for people new to yoga and experienced yoga enthusiasts alike. Think precision-focused postures held for up to 10 breaths.

find alignment


A creative, smooth flowing style that matches breath-to-movement to challenge body and mind. Increase flexibility, strength, and improve coordination.

go with the flow


A deeply grounding practice that sees poses held for up to 5 minutes. This mainly floor-based class has an emphasis on letting go, long passive holds and active rest.

be calm

introducing... sound bath

Take your relaxation to new depths with our healing sound bath classes. Release tension with gentle yin yoga poses (like those we do in Yoga Calm) before entering your relaxation where meditative sounds wash over your body. Notice your breath and feel your body soften as your teacher guides you with sound to a more relaxed state.

discover more yoga classes


Join our thriving Yoga community as you make all the right connections – mind, body and social. Whatever gets you moving, it all counts at Virgin Active.

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