yoga for every body

immersive and inclusive classes. With guidance from some of the very best teachers, take a deeper exploration into the world of Yoga as you experience a greater sense of inner peace as well as increasing your physical health.


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yoga one

The perfect class for those who are brand new to yoga and looking for a gentle class with care at its centre. This class is for every body and everybody.

be at one


Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike, Align yoga is a foundation building, pose-perfecting practice. Build flexibility, confidence and awareness as you move into alignment.

find alignment


Raise your vibration in Flow Yoga, a high-energy, fast-paced class. Through dynamic poses, you'll build mobility and enhance your mental strength.

go with the flow


In this slow-paced class, you will create a space for stillness in your body and mind. As you release physical and emotional tension you will also build strength in your joints and increase your mobility.

be calm

work out with us

meet evelyn

Taking you on a transformational inner journey, our Yoga Activist Evelyn will have you moving mindfully as you experience the true joys of Yoga.


Join our thriving Yoga community as you make all the right connections – mind, body and social.

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