Your Inter-club Grid Training competition questions, answered.

3 Aug 2022 05:00AM by Virgin Active

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Ready to take on your next challenge with our Inter-club Grid Training competition? Whether you’re a Grid Training regular or you’re someone who loves trying new things, you’ve got the chance to win a place at NFG FitFest in Loughborough on 11 September. 

Here to tackle some of our frequently asked questions on the Inter-club Grid Training competition is Head of Athletic Training Tom.

When is the Inter-club Grid Training competition at my club?

All Inter-club competitions will be running on the week of 6 -14 August. Check your club timetable or check in with your Grid Training coach to find the date! 

How fit do I need to be?

To take part in our inter-club competition, you’ll need a reasonable level of fitness. The circuit is fast-paced and covers a range of exercises so you’ll need good mobility too.

If you’re injured or currently recovering, we’d recommend sitting this one out. Don’t worry, we’ll be running plenty more competitions throughout the year! 

Do I need to be a Grid Training regular?

Absolutely not! We’ve had members compete before that didn't do Grid Training and now love coming to classes. 

The only thing you will need is a little knowledge of the more functional training style – think: dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers and ski-ergs. Understanding how to use this equipment before the event will help you massively. But, if you’re not familiar with them now, you can learn a few moves in some of our Grid Training classes before the competition. 

What kind of exercises will be in the competition?

We’ll have lots of different exercises so you can really play to your strengths and they’ll cover things like: 

• dumbbell hang clean + press
• dumbbell snatches
• dumbbell push presses
• dumbbell thrusters
• kettlebell deadlifts
• goblet squats
• rowing
• burpees
• push ups
• lunges
• squats

If you make it to NFG FitFest, you might also end up challenging yourself with barbell deadlifts, barbell back squats, barbell push press, barbell bench press, as well as any of the above exercises from the inter-club competition.

What’s the best way to prepare before the competition?

For the inter-club competition, my advice would be to do as many Grid Training classes as you can.

If you're one of the lucky ones who make it into the NFG FitFest team from your club, then we’ll provide a training program to make sure you’re more than ready for the competition at NFG!

What if the competition isn't in my club?

There are plenty of competitions taking place throughout our clubs so take a look on the timetable at another club near you and use your multi-access to book. 

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