strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is our expertly designed functional training programme. Build strength and stamina with dumbbells and kettlebells, cardio endurance with a range of cardiovascular equipment and speed and agility with bodyweight movements.

find your strength

strength and conditioning foundations

New to Strength and Conditioning or training with weights? This Foundations class is perfect for those that want to master the basics first and experience S&C at a slower pace.

build your foundations

strength and conditioning

Take your Strength and Conditioning skills up a level and mix high-intensity training and functional movement. Expect a blend of equipment for a workout that’s always switching things up.

find your strength


Get your sweat on in this high intensity bodyweight class aimed at conditioning your body. In this circuits-based class, you’ll focus on upper, lower and total-body exercises.

get into HIIT

strength training or cardio, what’s better?

What matters most is that you keep moving but find out how strength training and cardio can benefit you.


Find strength, conditioning, and a workout brimming with energy at your nearest club. Whatever gets you moving. It all counts at Virgin Active.

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