How to make your winter workouts stick

26 Jan 2023 09:46AM by Leandro Andrade - Boxing Lead


Winter can be a tricky time to stick to a fitness routine, especially when it’s cold and dark outside most of the time. You may find yourself more motivated at the start of the year and stick to any New Year’s resolutions, but as winter drags, it can be hard to keep up the motivation. We have some tips to help you stick to your winter workout routine; check them out below…

Embrace the cold weather

It’s more tempting to stay in the warmth indoors with a warm drink – we get it. But instead of dreading the cold weather, you can embrace it and try working out in a park or outdoors! Going on a run or long walk in the winter sun will make coming home to the warmth a lot more rewarding. Wrap warm with layers, such as hats and gloves, and dress to keep dry in case it rains or snows. It helps if you also spend slightly longer warming up to prevent injury.

Add variety to your routine

If your fitness routine is becoming a little monotonous, adding variety can motivate you to work out, even if it’s dark and cold outside. Try a Group Exercise class with us, or add new equipment to your routine in the gym, for example, running on a treadmill indoors rather than out in the cold. And for that extra support, bring a buddy with you and try partner exercises.

Remember why you're working out

Remember your ‘why’ and you’ll find yourself more motivated to push through the colder months with your workouts. Whether you’re looking to complete a personal challenge or reach a new level, you’ll feel much better about striving through and closer to achieving your goals.

Plan in advance

Simple habits such as having your workout clothes and meal ready for the following day can help you feel more organised and prepared to get going. You won’t be thinking about the workout but instead, what you’re going to do later in the day or week for your next one.

At Virgin Active, we’re here to help you make your winter workout routine stick. Remember how you’ll feel at the end of a workout – it's a rewarding experience. From new Group Exercise classes to online workouts you can do at your own pace, give some a go today!

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