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Why should I do Reformer Pilates?

6 May 2022 05:07AM by Penelope Oldfield - Head of Yoga and Pilates


Whether you’ve been with us a while or you’re new to Virgin Active, you’ll know how much we love Reformer Pilates. (And, we love seeing how many of you are loving it too.) This one-of-a-kind exercise is perfect for everyone which is why we encourage as many of our members as possible to get involved. From improving your strength to finding a new way to work out, Reformer Pilates is an excellent low-impact way to challenge your body that's accessible to all fitness levels. 

Read on to find out why you’re going to love it…

You’re looking for a full-body workout that builds heat

Who said workouts have to be high impact? In Reformer Pilates, you use the support of the Reformer bed to get deeper into poses. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll take things easy. If you think Pilates doesn’t make you work, think again. Reformer Pilates classes leave you feeling challenged and with a new respect for your body.

Pilates focuses on using movement and breath together to strengthen the deep stabilising muscles to improve posture, mobility, balance, and coordination as well as address physical imbalances in the body. Our instructors combine exercise repetitions with deep core workouts and resistance, you’ll elevate your heart rate and yes, you’ll definitely sweat. 

You want to get stronger

Don’t want to lift weights? No problem. Reformer Pilates classes are all about building strength without a single dumbbell involved. You’ll work through poses that challenge your midline, legs, arms, back and shoulders. By dialing up resistance with tighter springs on the Reformer bed, you’ll get stronger over time. Every move can be adapted for beginners or those with a little bit more practice so you’ll always find the right level of workout for you. 

You need an outlet

Exercise is brilliant for reducing stress because it gets those feel-good endorphins flowing. Workouts like Pilates also go that extra mile because the inward focus on the breath is proven to regulate the nervous system and decrease stress over time. Mastering Pilates breath means intentionally focusing on your inhalations and exhalations to move your body in rhythm. Controlled breathing encourages your mind and body to feel safe and enter a state of relaxation. So, not only are you getting a good workout in but you’re also doing a good work-in. 

You have low energy or want to improve your heart health

Forget about strength and building muscle for a second; Reformer Pilates is great for some of your vital organs, including your heart. Aside from the physical benefits, the use of the breath and dynamic movement improves circulation and oxygen flow in the body. That helps to improve your mood, cognition and benefits your heart health and general wellbeing

You’ve want to prevent injury 

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that addresses muscular imbalances in your body. That means that it doesn’t put strain on your muscles or joints. So, while you're busy strengthening and toning any muscles that you may be underutilising, you know that you're doing it safely. When you use Pilates as part of your fitness plan, you should see your range of motion improve without putting other parts of your body at risk of injury.

Before you start, be sure to consult your doctor and make sure you let your instructor know about any injuries in your first class. 

So, there you have it. There’s more to Reformer Pilates than you think, right? Ready to give it a go? We thought so. Book a class today. 
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