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Benefits of working out together

15 Feb 2023 06:00AM by Vanessa Hatton Riveiro - Yoga Lead

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As you may know by now, there are so many benefits of working out for your mental health and wellbeing. What if we were to tell you there’s more benefits to keeping active with a loved one? It doesn’t have to be with a romantic partner but with a friend or family member. From increasing emotional bonds to helping with motivation during workouts, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of working out with a loved one.

You can keep each other motivated

Sticking to an exercise routine and being consistent with it can be hard to do sometimes, but having a friend or partner with you is a great way to help you keep focused. You can track each other’s progress and set goals, as well as trying partner exercises together.

Working out together brings happiness to your relationship

Exercise releases endorphins – happy hormones – so exercising with a partner means you’ll experience happiness together. You’ll also increase each other’s motivation and positivity during the workout, not just for results at the end.

Working out together increases your emotional bond

Workouts such as running together, lifting weights together and even passing a medicine ball back and forth creates “non-verbal matching” (Psychology Today). This is essentially communication without the words, such as eye contact, and helps people feel more in tune with one another and therefore, a greater bond with their partner.

You may pick up new ideas

Working out with a partner or friend means you can try new exercises that your partner may do more than you. They may even have skills or knowledge that could be beneficial to you, and vice versa. Variety can help with motivation as mixing up your routine will keep you enjoying your workouts for longer.

Try working out with a loved one this week! We’ve got lots for you to get stuck into. Explore a state of calm together in a Yoga class, or bring double the energy with a Cycle or Boxing class. If you and your loved one are ready to spend some quality time together, purchase a guest pass here and we’ll see you both in club.
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