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Personal Training

Step One


Start with a health and fitness assessment

Start with a one-to-one session with your Personal Trainer to set your goals and how to work towards them.

Step Two


Get a tailored fitness and nutrition plan

Our Personal Trainers will schedule your sessions in with you and give you a fully tailored workout and nutrition plan.

Step Three


Get moving with your Personal Trainer

Start working with your Personal Trainer, learn the basics and how to make the most of your club to start working towards your goals.

Find the right fit

Training isn’t always easy, but it can always be fun. Especially when you have your own coach and cheerleader motivating you to reach your full potential. Your Personal Trainer will design a personalised training plan to suit your needs, abilities and goals and then motivate you to achieve those goals while keeping you accountable. From our young guns all the way through to our elite personal trainers, they are all highly qualified and specialise across a variety of fields. There’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect fit at Virgin Active.


With sessions now 45-minutes, there is no time to hang around. We can be more direct, more efficient and more beneficial.

Super Personal

It’s easier than ever to find the right Personal Trainer for you and your level. Track race or rat race, we can tailor your sessions to your needs

Super Flexible

Shorter sessions mean more flexibility. Not just your hamstrings but your diary too. Only have an hour for lunch, or need to train before picking the kids up? No problem.

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Personal Training Packages

Get into PT

Two 45-minute introductory PT sessions. You'll have a fitness assessment and get a tailor-made programme and nutrition advice.

PT Packages

Buy a pack of sessions in one go or add your sessions to your monthly fee.

Master Trainers

Just starting out or honing a skill, find a PT that specialises in what you need.

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