Claudine Van de Vyver

Get to know our Yoga instructor Claudine

Claudine has made her own name at VA Fulham thanks to her amazing yoga classes. She always get amazing feedback from members about how patient she is, her lovely voice ( contrary of what she thinks) and how they have improved their yoga practice thanks to her. For these reasons she is the instructor of the month at the club. Currently she teaches on Tuesdays  and Thursdays at 06.45 am and also Saturday at 09.45 am.Would you like to know a bit more of her in 12 questions?

Please describe yourself in few sentences

I’m married with two amazing girls who I love to pieces for everything that they are and two crazy sausage dogs who rule our house! I love London and its parks, as I am always walking my dogs when I’m not working. So, I really enjoy the seasons, something about the colours, the feel, the air, equally I am at peace in the snow in the mountains. By day I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, (qualified last December after four years), volunteer at The Royal Marsden twice a week, teach yoga and have recently taken my Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification (thanks to Maggie Ekang VA Instructor pushing me!),

What’s your favourite ’90s jam?

Jump Around – House of Pain

What’s your favourite thing to order takeaway?

Lebanese every time

What would your autobiography be called?

‘There’s always something ‘

When it comes to making tea which answer most applies to you?

a) I am the patron saint of tea, tea for everyone!

b) I’m not a one man Starbucks. Every man for himself.

c) I’ve only got two hands- so first come, first served.

but it would be coffee over tea always

Do you consider Monopoly to be a game that you play with friends or enemies?

Friends x its always too funny when everyone gets competitive, then you see who you’re really playing with!

What inspired you to be a YOGA teacher?

Rebecca Caverra (VA PT) made me do a yoga class with her, that’s when I found how I could really stretch and work my body whilst breathing. Valentina Candiani was offering teacher training and encouraged me to do it however I really didn’t like the sound of my voice so I was unsure. My daughter bought me the book, Yoga girl - Rachel Brathen whose story inspired me as one of the things that nearly stopped her was the sound of her own voice but she did it anyway, I could identify with that and the rest is history……

Which one was your best moment in VA Fulham?

There’s not one as it will be one of my class gets into a pose that I know they’ve been working hard to do over time and all of sudden it happens for them- it could be The Crow or finally binding or a chaturanga, just the look on their faces when they’ve achieved it is t

Everyone has a good app idea. What’s yours?

I am very dyslexic which can be challenging in day to day life activities so I would love to develop a visual Dyslexic app where people could add their tips/experiences for their coping strategies e.g. short-term memory tips, orientation, writing strategies, supporting all age groups the most important part of it would be you could listen to it whilst looking at it.

If you could steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc which one would you claim?

oooh tricky, I think I would like to write my own book so will say none

What would your pet say about you if we asked for a reference?

I am always excited when its morning, I’m happy and kind especially when I’m helping people and after I’ve had a really good practice, workout or Spin class where you sweat and get that buzz. I live to eat, love coffee and a good Negroni, and am I always at my happiest when doing this with my family and friends.

What would you like to say to VA Fulham members?

I don’t know anyone who feels worse after they’ve done some form of exercise, we’ve a number of amazing motivating instructors and PTs at Fulham. So, whatever your goal is, be inspired to keep pushing to achieve what you wish for yourself.

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