Sound Bath

relax and unwind

Take your relaxation to new depths with our healing sound bath classes. Release tension with gentle yin yoga poses (like those we do in Yoga Calm), notice your breath and feel your body soften.

Your teacher will guide you with meditative sounds, allow them to wash over your body to a more relaxed state.

Sound Bath at Wimbledon
Sound Bath at Wimbledon
Sound Bath at Wimbledon

Related to our more gentle Yoga Calm classes, Sound Bath is a meditative practice that centres on the concept of sound bathing. Follow a few gentle yin yoga moves to help you unwind before fully settling on your mat. Your instructor will use singing bowls to create sounds that transport you to a place of tranquillity.

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You don’t want an average workout and you won’t get one here. Sweat it out on the gym floor with Eleiko and Technogym kit. Lap it up in the 16m pool and unwind in the luxury spa. Check out the timetable packed full of classes including Sound Bath, Reformer Pilates, Boxing, Yoga and more, all included in your membership.

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