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Swim Crew Extra

There’s a lot more to our Swim Crew programme than just having a splash around. It’s about giving your child a skill for life, as well as enjoying every second spent in the water.

Our private swim school offers lessons following the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)’s Learn To Swim Framework. This is a 10-stage nationwide programme designed to help beginners gain competency and confidence in the water. All our instructors are STA or ASA Level 2 qualified.


Tiny Swim Starz

Young children from 4 months to 2 years enjoy special parent and child classes and follow STA’s Starfish Awards Scheme, while 3-4 year olds follow the ASA Duckling Awards with their own special ceremony.

Swim Starz

Kids aged 4-12 years can make
a start on the ASA Learn To Swim programme, stages 1-7.

VA Swim Team

Those showing particular talent and motivation have the opportunity to develop their potential by joining our elite team. ASA stages 8-10 are covered here too.

Swim Gala Series

Our exciting annual championship, where swim school members take to the water to compete against other clubs.

Swim Crash Course

Our 3 and 5-day courses for all juniors are expert-led and designed to help everyone feel at home in the water.