Get your sweat on in this high-intensity bodyweight class aimed at conditioning your body. In this high-energy class, you'll focus on upper, lower and total-body exercises.


Strength · Strength and Conditioning


40 - 45 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is HIIT?

A high intensity bodyweight class aimed at conditioning with high volume circuits including lower, upper, midline and cardio exercises. We will challenge speed, coordination, aerobic fitness and strength with a different focus each day to improve your technique and total body health.

Why do HIIT?

Moves for life

Functional moves designed to help your body move outside the gym. Expect to squat, push, pull, lunge and twist – moves that set you up for life.

Fuelled by community

Team challenges, partner workouts and you-go, I-go efforts. HIIT is for the team. Let the room fuel your movements and drive each other on. The group’s energy is your energy. 

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