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Extraordinary memberships

for extraordinary kids

Sign the kids up as junior members and we’ll show them how to run like a cheetah, swim like a shark and play tennis like their favourite pro.

From Swim Crew to Tennis Crew to Kidz Crew, you’ll find a treasure trove of adventure full to the brim with all kinds of fun. Everything is underpinned by the structure of the National Curriculum to make sure kids are learning, building key skills and enjoying themselves at the same time. Our team are fully trained in safeguarding and hold all the appropriate checks to ensure your children are well looked after. We also offer inclusive access for children with additional needs, so no one is left out.

Our memberships are split across four age groups:

Different age groups

0–2 years

Our youngest members have among the most to look forward to. With registered crèches available to book on site, your little ones are safe, sound and having fun while you work out.

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3–7 years

With up to 4 hours of structured childcare per day included in your membership, your child can stay healthy, active and explore their imagination. 

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8–11 years

Start to discover what they love – whether its swimming, dancing, sports or a whole host of other activities.

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12–15 years

Start to find your feet on the gym floor and try a whole host of sports, even take part in group exercise classes. Start to use our clubs as you see fit.

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