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We bring it each and every day. The rockstar instructors, specially curated classes and like-minded members in inspiring spaces. All you need to bring is a little attitude and a lot of energy.

It's not just for the fittest of the fit, or the strongest of the strong. From balanced to high-energy workouts we bring you the ultimate in motivation with our signature classes.

So leave your hang-ups at the door, move your body and enjoy yourself. Because together, we're a different class.

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A 45-minute cycle workout fuelled by music. Your instructor acts as DJ and coach, setting a high-intensity rhythm to the cardio, strength and movement elements of the class. Engage, empower and excite to find the best that you can be in that moment and have you smiling all the way.


HEAT is a sports-focused form of training that teaches your body to efficiently use its energy sources for maximum athletic output. Some call this metabolic conditioning. We call it amazing. Simply put, you’ll get fit. Seriously fit – fast, while burning bucket loads of calories. Thank us later.

The Grid

Learn to move the tough way, with The Grid. Four classes, Active, Fit, Strong and Lean. Six core movements, one revolution in functional training.


A total body workout that combines simple ballet-inspired movements with Pilates and core-conditioning. By targeting smaller muscle groups that are neglected in traditional strength training, you’ll improve core stability and balance.


Stretch, balance and flex your way through whatever life hurls at you with our splendid range of yoga classes.

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