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You're not alone – you’re part of something. At Virgin Active, we have got everything you need for body and mind.

Feel good, get fitter and become stronger with a host of tailored classes, a state of the art gym floor and all the support and motivation you could want.

Everyone here is here for you. 

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If you fear stepping foot on the gym floor or don’t know your barbells from your kettle bells, you’re not alone. We’re here to support you all the way. And if you need that extra guidance to hit whatever goal you have, no matter how big or small, we offer Personal Training packages to help you through that journey.


When stress takes over or you’re not moving enough in your daily life. Our Beyond Movement area is where we offer physiotherapy, reformer pilates and sports massage. Our trained therapists can help reduce and prevent pains, alleviate tension and aid recovery after injury. Movement is key to wellness of body and mind. So let’s get moving.

Get Moving

Swimming is a great way to find your focus, increase all over fitness and relax both mind and body. Your tensions will disappear in our really cool pools. So slap on your swimming cap and enjoy the water. Whatever your skill level, we’ve got something for you, from lessons to Hydro classes.

Get Swimming

Our huge range of classes focus on everything from cardio to strength, tone and conditioning. Working both body and mind. Whether you prefer an hour in a calm yoga session or to blast through 30 minutes on The Grid. Say bye-bye to gym boredom.

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