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Personal Training


Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chances of achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Personal Training is quick, safe and much more fun than working on your own. Our Personal Trainers are smart, friendly and great at motivation so you always go that little bit further than you ever believed possible. Plus you can experiment with new kit, techniques and exercises. We begin with an in-depth assessment of your fitness and health then create a tailored personal training plan. You’ll learn how to stay motivated and inspired, and your Personal Trainer will be by your side, cheering you on and giving lots of advice on nutrition, diet and more. What’s not to like? If you’re a member, be sure to chat to our expert fitness team on your next visit, they’ll explain more about our Personal Training options.

Personal Trainer Profiles

Dan Phillips

My approach is to train you as I would myself (depending on your goals,of course). I focus mainly on resistance training to help you achieve these. I have experience in Sports conditioning, Body Composition, GP Exercise Referral, Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes and Functional Training.

Marius Rosca

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, so I know first hand how determination and commitment can change lives forever. My focus is to help you reach your full potential of a healthy mind, body and soul. I can help with Nutrition and Weight Management and Lifestyle and Fitness Assessments.

Mike Harwood

My approach is to set achievable progressive targets with logical, yet creative, exercise and programming solutions. And all executed with a ferocious attention to detail. I'm Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and  Corrective Exercise and Lower Back Specialist (NASM CES, MLBP Lv 4) with Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning.

Paulina Rupinska

I am a bikini fitness competitor that will guarantee you falling in love with resistance training, sculpt and free weights exercises which shall build your lean body mass, help to reduce stress and give confidence in your life. I am passionate about making sure that you receive the best care and training from me during your fitness journey, and together we shall make your goal come true.

Pawel Foltyn

I’ll be giving you 100% of my knowledge and experience. Give me 100% back and I’m positive that we’ll be able to achieve goals above and beyond expectations. Fat loss, toning, muscle building, strengthening, I’ll endeavour to get you there. I have experience in Strength training and programming Muscle building (for size, toning
and/or fat loss) I'm World Calisthenics Organisation Level 1 certified (body weight specific training) and can help with Nutritional advice specific to goals. I have 6 years experience in weight training and 10 years experience in gymnastics.