Body Pump

A supercharged way to get fit fast - this is where aerobics meets light-to-medium bench weights. Achieve a toned, lean look and wake up your body, whatever your fitness level. Pump to awesome music while your muscles work the moves, urged on by our expert instructors for masses of motivation.


Ballerinas are tough, and this class proves it. Moves borrowed from ballet, Pilates and yoga work every muscle in your body – even the small ones most classes miss. HIIT training and compound exercises help you burn more calories, with dumbbells, Swiss balls and resistance bands on hand to push yourself further.


On the gym floor or in the pool. Find things you want to do, in the places you want to do them.

Explore Thundersley

Pick a pool. The 25m one for lengths. The hydrotherapy one for winding down. Or the kids’ one for splashing and spraying (complete with giant rubber ducky). Choose from over 145 weekly classes set in a suite of specially designed studios, or take to the gym floor to try TRX and Woodway Curves.

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