Sam’s Sleep Soundly Mix | Virgin Active

Sam’s Sleep Soundly Mix

Keeping active goes hand in hand with rest and relaxation. Find workouts that give you the time to gather your thoughts and help to slow down your mind, all while working your muscles. Your body will thank you.

Jump in the ring with a Boxing class

Very few things feel as good as taking your frustration out on an aqua bag. Our Boxing classes are a great way to release tension while you build muscle and just let go.

Find some zen with our Yoga classes

Drop into child’s pose and find your calm. Our yoga classes will complement the hard work you’ve been doing as well as ease the pressures of your daily life. Sometimes all you need is the space to breathe.

Take a plunge in the pool

Though swimming is a great workout, it’s also a more gentle exercise for your body. Your endorphins will soar as you carve out a little ‘me time’ in your day. You can also head into the sauna or kick back in our steam rooms. Why not? You deserve it.

However you like to relax, we’re with you. Every step of the way.

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