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Grid Training

Grid Training is our high intensity, interval programme designed to build strength, stability, stamina and team spirit – whatever your level.

Meet Paolo

Athletic games champion, fitness entrepreneur, Olympic lifting animal. He’ll be honing our classes, pushing our trainers, and creating digital sessions that leave you happily floored – in club, or out.

Meet Paolo

Meet Nick

Personal trainer, lifting coach, fitness contender. He’ll have you lifting more than your spirits, chasing PBs and cracking a smile wherever you are.

Meet Nick

Your goals, your fitness

Grid Training is bigger than a class. Whenever you jump in, you’ll be working towards your goals and the goals of the group. Whether you’re competing or just looking to push yourself, there is a Grid Training class for you.

Grid Training

Grid Training combines real-life moves, adaptable workouts and community spirit in a powerful 45-minute session. Expect a blend of dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills and bikes to build a workout for you.

Grid Training


Functional moves designed to help your body move outside the gym. Expect to squat, push, pull, lunge and twist – moves that set you up for life.

Grid Training – Aerobic


Team challenges, partner workouts and you-go, I-go efforts. Grid Training is for the team. Let the room fuel your movements and drive each other on. The group’s energy is your energy.

Grid Training – Studio

Built to compete

Grid Training is honed to the National Fitness Games calendar. Come each week and you’ll work through training blocks that focus on strength, power and cardio conditioning. Whether you're a seasoned pro or working to your first event, build your fitness block by block so when the events come along, you’ll have everything you need.


With more weight, but more rest, you’ll go heavy and work on technique. You’ll test your strength at the start and end of the cycle to see how you progress.


Power is about how fast you can move and how fast you can recover, with short sharp efforts. Ready to go again?


In the run up to the events, you’ll tie it all together with a focus on keeping your heart rate up. With all the blocks, nothing will surprise you come game day.

In Club. At Home. Outdoors.

Whatever works for you, why ever you’re doing it, with unlimited exercise experiences, in club and online, we’ll find the mix for you.

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