meet your Virgin Activists

Each an expert in their area, they love what they do and love helping you feel good.

keep it classy

They'll keep us ahead of the latest and greatest, sort the fads from the fantastic and make sure all our classes are world-class.

keep you clued up

You'll be hearing plenty from them as they share their techniques, tips and daily routines – passing on all they know.

keep listening

Feedback, comments in our App and reactions in classes – it's their job to listen to the things you want and make them happen.

stay classy

yoga activists

They’ll be breathing new life into our studios, stretching our teachers, and creating classes as flexible as you’ll be (with a bit of practice).

find your yoga

grid training activists

They’ll be pushing our classes, boosting your results and giving you all the skills and motivation you need to lift, sprint and sweat with confidence.

get into grid training

cycle activists

Music, movement and mindfulness – find it all in a cycle class. If your thing is power, data or a party we'll have something that’s right for you.

choose cycle

pilates activists

They’ll be helping you strengthen, lengthen and reconnect with your body as they guide you through your Pilates practice.

pick pilates

punch activists

Our Boxing activists will be bagging the best talent, opening up the ring to all contenders and creating workouts as punchy as you’ll be.

back boxing

workouts where you want them

club. home. outdoors.

Access your Virgin Activists wherever and whenever you are. In a class, at home on our App or a podcast on the go.


Things you’ll want to do, places you’ll want to do them in and people you’ll want to do them with.

your new favourite class

Push it in Grid Training, groove in Cycle or let it go in Yoga, find your next class at one of our clubs.

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