meet your Virgin Activists

Each an expert in their area, they love what they do and love helping you feel good.

keep it classy

The best in the business. They'll help us stay ahead of the latest and greatest, sort the fads from the fantastic and make sure all our classes are world-class.

keep you clued up

You'll be hearing plenty from them as they share their techniques, tips and daily routines – passing on all they know.

keep listening

Feedback on the ground, comments and social media, reactions in classes – it's their job to listen to what you want and make it happen.

meet char

Insta fitness star, TV presenter, celeb trainer. And your new Yoga Activist.
She’ll be breathing new life into our studios, stretching our teachers, and creating classes as flexible as you’ll be (with a bit of practice).

meet paolo

Athletic games champion, fitness entrepreneur, Olympic lifting animal. And your new Grid Training Activist.
He’ll be honing our classes, pushing our trainers, and creating digital sessions that leave you pumped – in club, or out.

meet emma

Fitness thought leader, Master-level trainer, nutrition guru. And your new Pilates Activist.
She’ll be reforming our classes, strengthening our teaching, and creating sessions to give you a core of steel — even if you’re crunching next to your coffee table.

meet SJ

Rhythm-riding icon, Kylie’s pro-dancer, fitness entrepreneur. And your new Cycling Activist.
She’ll be pushing our trainers, upping our tech and listening to what you want. All to make sure our cycling classes stay ahead of the pack.


Things you’ll want to do, places you’ll want to do them in and people you’ll want to do them with.

your new favourite class

Push it in Grid Training, groove in Cycle or let it go in Yoga, find your next class at one of our clubs.

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