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Unleash your inner strength and boost your fitness with a high intensity workout, whatever your level. Work on the skills you need for solid boxing credentials as you build speed and explosive power.

Meet Amy

Boxing champ, coach and your new Boxing Activist. She’ll be bagging the best talent and opening up the ring to create workouts as punchy as you’ll be.

Fighting fit and powered up punches

Punch comes in two flavours; how far you go and how hard you throw.

Punch Fit

In Punch Fit you’ll develop your fitness with cardio-based moves for all abilities. Feel energised with sprints, shuffles and combinations for the ring and beyond.

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Punch Power

Add the sting to your boxing with Punch Power. Focusing on conditioning, you’ll build strength, power and a lot of confidence.

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Punch Harder

Want to go further? Find your unique boxing flair with more challenging combinations that improve your technique. Boost your fitness and pack in those power punches.

In Club. At Home. Outdoors.

Whatever works for you, why ever you’re doing it, with unlimited exercise experiences, in club and online, we’ll find the mix for you.

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