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Spring Back into club with a one-to-one session with a Personal Trainer below.

Free one-to-one session with a Personal Trainer

To celebrate our clubs reopening, we're giving our members a free one-to-one Spring Back session with one of our Personal Trainers. Use this time to jump back in with a training session, build a tailor-made programme or just rediscover your motivation. Whatever you need to spring back – find it at Virgin Active.

Step One


Start with a health and fitness assessment

Start with a one-to-one session with your Personal Trainer to set your goals and how to work towards them.

Step Two


Get a tailored fitness and nutrition plan

Our Personal Trainers will schedule your sessions in with you and give you a fully tailored workout and nutrition plan.

Step Three


Get moving with your Personal Trainer

Start working with your Personal Trainer, learn the basics and how to make the most of your club to start working towards your goals.

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